Community based entrepreneurship capacity development


Simonyi Business and Economic Development Center, Simonyi BEDC, is a self-sustaining, university driven entrepreneurship ecosystem that allows the interaction of all actors of the socio-economic environment of the region interwoven with the international economic centers of gravity through our communities of practice. This crowdfunding platform facilitates entrepreneurial capacity building, multidisciplinary innovation, and promotes engagement in community-driven activities around the University of Pécs.

Benefits to the Community

Through the platform, students, faculty members, and local stakeholders can raise funds for pursuing their hobbies, passions, and profession, working on artistic or scientific projects, validating innovative ideas, building prototypes for successful future products and services, starting new ventures based on inspiring business ideas, organizing local events, festivals, and  cultural programs, implementing community development programs. This crowdfunding platform is a unique marketplace where versatile ideas and programs from multidisciplinary environment can meet communities around the university and its wider networks to promote innovation and regional development.

How it works?

The role of Simonyi BEDC in project creation, development, and moderation You are welcome to take part in Simonyi BEDC programs and events to boost the quality and the impact of your campaign to be launched. Simonyi Incubation Program can assist you to create and develop your project. Here, you can meet with people who have complementary competences compared to your skills, adding a lot of value to your project. The milestones along the project development phases in Simonyi Incubation Program are aligned with the “Create” process of Hubbub. Guidelines for taxation issues will also be provided in the program. After submitting your project for moderation on the platform, it will take 5 business days for the Center to decide about the potential launch.


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