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Can you help me launch a rikshaw service in Pécs in Hungary?

Why Bringa-Taxi?

There is no rickshaw service in the city center of Pécs in Hungary. People love it!  It is an excellent opportunity for me.

Who am I?

My name is David, I live and study Sports Management in Pécs. I had driven a rickshaw in my town for a few years before the business owner of the rickshaws sold all the vehicles and went abroad. My first attempt was very successful, so I want to bring the rickshaws back to Pécs. My plan is an environmental friendly and simple personal transportation service: I carry the passengers to different tours. Pécs has a great university, where thousands of people study and I take off them to best places, pubs and nightclubs so that they can feel  the cool atmosphere in the rickshaw on which I set up mood lights and a loudspeaker. My town has rich historical and cultural past too, thus my tours can be built upon these values in daytime.

There is one more important thing. I have a permit to access the City Center, approved by the local government.

Check out my website in Hungarian for more information:

Where will the money go?

The project cost structure is simple. I need 470 000 HUF to buy a rickshaw from a Hungarian manufacturer (Global Bringa). My personal contribution to the project is 350 000 HUF as my own investment, but I need your generous rewards to collect net 120 000 to be able to purchase the vehicle.

The minimum amount is as follows:

·         Purchase price of the vehicle:                       120 000 HUF

·         Transaction costs (Paypal):                              5 000 HUF

·         Estimated taxes (KATA, fixed amount):          25 000 HUF           

·         Total minimal amount:                                  150 000 HUF 


If I accomplish this minimum amount, I will start my business to deliver the rewards.

My target and what’s beyond?

The target amount (275 000 HUF) would allow me to rent a garage in the city center for one year (10 000 HUF x 12 = 120 000 HUF, otherwise I would store the rickshaw in the outskirts of Pécs.  If I collect 767 000 HUF, which includes transaction costs, I could buy one more rickshaw and store them in the same garage for the same fixed amount mentioned before.